Arka Platter (for 2 Persons) – A Mixture of Croatian Delicacies

The Arka Platar is by far our best-selling dish for two persons. It’s a unique selection of the best known delicacies that Croatia can offer. By many, the Arka Platter is regarded our best cold appetiser or starter. A quality dish that includes everything we got as cold starters on one single platter.

Served on a wooded platter made out of ancient olive tree, perfectly fitting the most respected Mediterranean starters, all with an Adriatic flair. The platter holds seafood, diary products and dried meat. If planning other main courses and dessert, this dish is also great for 3 persons. We are very proud of this Platter because it represents all the qualities of our kitchen. In combination with one of our listed wines, the Arka platter makes a great start to every main meal.

The Arka Platter for two persons includes;

  • Octopus Salad,
  • Several Traditional Cheeses,
  • Drniski Prosciutto,
  • Slavonia Kulen,
  • Marinated Shrimps,
  • Marinated Anchovies,
  • Dried Rump Steak Slices,
  • Olives & Pickled Mini Peppers.