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Black Cuttlefish Risotto – Fresh & Tasty

The Black Cuttlefish Risotto is simply a tasty dish that has its fans not only in Dalmatia (Croatia), but all over Europe. Anyone who has ever tried a black cuttlefish risotto loves it regardless of its somewhat annoying black colour. The visual black inky essence is for some not really attractive. However, the taste is simply overwhelming despite the strong black juice derived from a single cuttlefish.

The cuttlefishes ink bag is a natural substance and serves as an expulsion system, which helps them hide themselves from predators. This is where the black colour in our black risotto comes from. We serve this risotto without any artificial additives and it always tastes best this way.

Squids are a larger part of the marine group of cuttlefishes. They are caught in the Adriatic Sea and we prepare and process them fresh. We pay particular attention to the delicate bags of ink inside their mantle so they do not break. This is how we do not loose the fresh treasures of taste that they provide. We say treasures, as the ink is rich in minerals and contains potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. The nutritional value of cuttlefish is similar to that of a squid but have less cholesterol.

A modest addition of original Parmesan cheese and Bon Appetit!