Project Description

Bruschettas – Angels of Finger Food Appetisers

Well known in the Mediterranean, a Bruschetta has no limits to imagination. They could easily be considered Angels of finger food appetisers. The Italians invented this dish but we believe to have brought it to perfection! Our diverse selection of Bruschettas are all topped with superb regional fresh ingredients.

Of course, the first topped with awarded local Prosciutto & Pag cheese. This harmony of flavors on warm toast lure you to try more…

We continue in a lighter tone and move to a Bruschetta topped with original buffalo Mozzarella and fine plum tomatoes. In addition, fresh house made Pesto (made from fresh Basil), pine nuts, and all sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil.

Again, the Bruschettas simply seek another bite.

The plate of different Bruschettas would not be fulfilled if we did not include local seafood. So, we made sure to include a Bruschetta with fresh shrimp and cherry tomatoes. Our shrimp is harvested in the Adriatic Sea and every day we enjoy fresh delivery.

The last Bruschetta is covered with healthy Sprouts making all our Bruscettas exotic, original and the perfect appetiser.