Project Description

Cold Cuts – Drniski® Prosciutto, Kulen Seka, Rump Steak

Drniški® Prosciutto, dried Rump Steak and Kulenova seka are the three kings of our cold cuts selection. Each of them have their own story and flavour. Every bite is a tasteful enjoyment for itself.

The tradition of smoked ham is several centuries old but in 2014 Drniski Prsut (Prosciutto) was entered in the EU register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications. The specificity of Drniš ham come from the specific characteristics of the product, such as mild smoke flavorings, the degree of dryness and less salty taste. The result is the traditional way of production and adaptation to local climate. We are pleased to have included this distinguished Prosciutto in this selection.

Kulen Seka is actually a very unique cured meat product from north Croatia. Kulen “Seka” is the composition of a Kulen salami but dried in the thinner intestines. Therefore the ripening is faster and can be consumed earlier. However, it still takes months to produce the targeted quality and is made under strict conditions with ingredients only from the finest pieces of pork. The meat is spiced with salt, ground peppers, white onions and white pepper. Many consider Kulen Seka spicy.

Just as Prosciutto, dried Rump steak slices are also part of the Croatian culinary history. Although not a protected product yet, its just as tasty as the other cold cuts in this selection. Dried Rump steak meat is of the highest quality. Its produced from quality pieces of Rumsteak Sirloin meat from the upper beef back.

Enjoy our selection of delicious soft cold cuts that represent the culmination of gourmet pleasures.