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Fillet Steak – Tender & Fine

Its enough to say that it’s often prepared bloody, medium rare or well done. We all know that the King of Steaks is the Fillet Steak (in French Filet Mignon, in the USA: tenderloin steak), a word known to all culinary gourmets. Few meats pronounced with as much respect, as this meat comes from the finest part of beef.

Its not only famous because of the different ways that it can be prepared but, also because it’s one of the most delicious and softest red meats. An average cattle has only ten kilograms, so it should not be a surprise when relatively high priced compared to other steaks.

A fillet Steak or tenderloin is so tender that it should not be spoiled with excessive cooking. Culinary experts will always point out that for a good steak, its just as important that the first storage period and then how much and how its prepared. Our steaks are MATURO, which means stored and prepared 21 days long.

The whole beef fillet stays 21 days in a precisely cooled storage and then is taken out and processed. Because of this, the fillet loses some weight and gains its softness and quality.

This steak is cut to 250 grams. You are left to choose how you would like it prepared. My recommendation is rare to medium rare.