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Lamb Chops – Delicious Rack of Light Cutlets

Lamb can be prime meat for barbecues! Primarily, meat from young animals that are evenly marbled (intersected with fat), turn out baked soft and juicy. Lamb chops do not require too much spice as they have their expressed and distinguished taste. Especially, the meat of lamb that are fed by grazing rich vegetation or, those who are herded near the sea. Lamb chops are very tasty and visually also attractive.

Do you feel the need for the finest rack of lamb? Our light lamb chops will knock your socks off with there texture, softness and lightness.

Best consumed up to medium grilled to retain all the nutritional properties which from the lamb that has them abundantly. Meat from lamb is a very good source of protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and B2. Proteins in lamb are of very high performance and contain all the essential fatty acids. For example 100 grams of lamb provides about 60% of daily needs for protein. Like other meat, lamb is also a good source of iron and heme iron, the form of iron that our body makes the most of.

Come to our Tavern Arka Restaurant and enjoy this healthy and very tasty rack of Lamb chops. Also served with potatoes baked in foil and grilled vegetables.