Project Description

Marinated Plate – Salted & Marinated Anchovies with Prawns

Marinating food was popular much longer then we have been using the refrigerator and freezer. Marinating was one of the best ways to conserve fish as it was easily perishable.

Salt, garlic, various vegetable roots, wine vinegar and a variety of fresh or dried Mediterranean herbs allow fish to stay fresh and available for long periods. A carefully measured scale of marinade is necessary to prevent loosing the original taste and value of a gentle fish such as anchovies.

Anchovies which are similar to sardines are one of the most important Adriatic fishes and enjoyed for centuries. They both have a very similar shape and colour but Anchovies are much slimmer, shorter, with a pointed head and larger eyes. Anchovies spend their life span in flocks usually up to three years at a depth of 400 meters. They grow to about 20 cm in length but are usually sold when somewhat smaller making them easier to clean.

The Tavern Arka Marinated Plate serves two kinds of anchovies, salted and marinated anchovies. We also process marinated shrimps (prawns) ourselves and aslo add them to the same marinated Plate. Everything is enriched with a few olives and high quality arugula.

Come and enjoy the uniqueness of our anchovies that are originally prepared by Tavern Arka Restaurant.