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Mozzarella Salad – Tomato & Buffalo Mozzarella

Mozzarella salad, often called Capresse salad with tomatoes is a very tasty and refreshing dish any time of the year. The speciality here is actually very simple, the best ingredients of fresh tomatoes and real mozzarella cheese. Quality Italian buffalo mozzarella and homegrown quality tomatoes, all enriched with local fresh Basil Pesto.

Allegedly, Mozzarella originates from the surroundings of Rome. Old documents prove that it dates back in the 15th century and was simply called mozza. The name comes from the Italian word meaning mozzare, meaning the “cut”. It alludes to the method of preparation and cutting of this famous cheese.

Buffalo mozzarella is highly respected because of its elasticity, mild salty flavor and delicious creamy interior. In Europe, its often called the queen of Mediterranean cuisine. It has an authentic taste of buffalo milk and creamy interior. The interior is captured in a thin membrane making it different from all other types of cheeses. It also differs from mozzarella made from cow’s milk.

The production of mozzarella is quite demanding, especially in the case of buffalo milk that should have at least 50 percent of milk fat. Hot water ( 80 ° C, not boiled) is poured over the dairy cream that stands in whey. The cream is then carefully stirred with wooden shovels to avoid clumps. As the cheese becomes more compact, its kneaded to the perfect consistency.

Mozzarella salad is tasty, very nutritious, but the cheese is also very rich in calories. It contains a number of valuable ingredients such as proteins that serve our muscles and, unsaturated fatty acids that protect our cardiovascular system. Tomato biotin, vitamin C & K give the Mozzarella salad the perfect combination to a fresh, tasty and healthy dish.

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