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Mussels Ala Buzara – Tasty & Fresh Omega 3

Expensive dishes are not always considered the only delicacies. Although a somewhat cheaper than other shellfish, Mussels should not be considered less valuable or tasty. In addition to the wealth of flavors, mussels are nutritionally rich seafood as well. Mussels contain selenium, iron, folic acids, vitamin A and B, iodine and zinc. They are ideal for people with inactive thyroids thanks to the high concentration of iodine.

Mussels have extremely high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and are particularly rich in vitamin B12. To compensate for your daily needs of vitamins, only 1 serving of mussels is sufficient.

Naturally growing wild mussels are found all along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Areas where mussels are generally found are in clean waters growing thickly next to each other. Some places along the Croatian coast are the Novigrad bay area, the bay of Sibenik, Pula and, of course Mali Ston Bay next door. Obviously, our mussels and oysters come fresh from Mali Ston Bay area.

Every day fresh Mussels and oysters are delivered to our restaurant. You can order Mussels ala Buzara (with red tomato sauce), white wine, parsley and garlic. If you prefer a white buzara we will be happy to meet this desire as well.