Project Description

Octopus Salad – Queen of Adriatic Salads

The Octopus salad is the queen of all Adriatic Salads, a perfect refreshment salad in summer. As with many other things, the first crucial step to making a great octopus salad is choosing the a quality octopus so I begin these notes with the Octopus itself.

The most admired Octopus in the Adriatic Sea is the so called “Petrovac” octopus. They were named after the time of the year in June, around the feast day of Saint Peter when they are mostly caught. They usually weigh approximately one to one and half kilogram.

When we select an octopus, we try to choose a smaller, possibly younger female octopus. The female octopus is easily recognised by looking at the suckers on her tentacles. They are mostly all same size and equally spread in two rows. While on the male octopus tentacles, your’ll find a few suckers that are huge compared to the others. Female octopus are much softer then the males and, more suitable for a great octopus salad.

Although many practise preparing octopus salad with onions, tomatoes, capers, potatoes, garlic and other ingredients, we prepare it only with plum tomatoes and stone leek. We made this decision in order not to change the original flavor of the octopus too much.

Of course, the octopus salad is enriched with olive oil and seasoned moderately for every guest. Try it and we’re sure you’ll like ti!