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Rib Eye Steak – Juicy & Delicious

Rib eye steak is found on the top loin of cattle and includes muscles from the ribs that extend from neck to the back. This prime piece of meat sometimes comes with a bone. We at Tavern Arka Restaurant serve this portion of the rib steak without the bone. Therefore, we consider it a prime rib eye steak. Due to its quality and remarkable softness of the muscle tissue with the ideal amount of fat tissue, this steak is the most delicious part of cattle. This is why it’s often considered the most precious steak of all.

Because of the ideal amount of fat, it melts during baking and provides the perfect juiciness to result a delicious piece of meat. The Executive Chef of Tavern Arka elects this steak a definite long standing recommendation.

As most steaks do not stand too much heat treatment, so it is with the Rib eye steak. It is best prepared when using very little spices and with a minimal amount of oil on a very hot grill. The technique is pretty simple, twice two minutes on each side and you are served the perfect Rib eye steak in town.

All our steaks are served with potatoes baked in foil and grilled vegetables. Enjoy!