Sea Bass – Fish Catch of the Day

Sea bass is a very strong fish which is rightly considered as the ruler of the coastal sea’s. A predator like him has a large head and large and with powerful mouth is able to attack his prey quite disproportionate to its own size. The mouth is full of tiny teeth that remind you of sandpaper and as such is impossible to escape prey that ends up in its mouth.

The body of Sea Bass is quite specific and easily recognisable. The colours on the upper side are lead greyish and in the middle silver, while the belly silvery white. It has a large head, elongated tail as well as strong and quite large tail that allows it to quickly and effectively attack. Most of the time the winner turns out to be the Sea Bass itself. Visibly, the sideline and spots that are present only in the younger ones which gradually disappear by age. It grows to a length of one meter and a maximum weight of 14-15 kg but most are caught between 5-8 kg.

The Sea bass can be found along the entire Adriatic coast. In the dim and clear salty and less salty sea just as as well as river delta’s.

Dear guests, we mostly serve smaller SEA Bass caught in the area of Dubrovnik. Served with Swiss chard, potatoes and grilled vegetables.