Project Description

Skirt Steak – Soft & Unique Flavor

Skirt steak is the muscle that extends from the sixth to the twelfth rib on the underside of cattle. These muscles connect the diaphragm to the beefs chest. This piece is rapped with a natural membrane which is removed before the heat treatment in order to maintain the softness and meat texture. The muscle meat of skirt steak never stands still and this is mainly the reason for the softness and unique flavor.

Besides the great flavor, the steak is respected by many top Chefs because of the large range of possibilities of preparation. Particularly over the raw ways of preparing and serving, which is very appreciated by connoisseurs and lovers of steaks. In Croatia, this steak is perhaps a less known piece of meat, as opposed to North and South America where its well known and appreciated for more than a century.

Among other steaks, Tavern Arka Restaurant strongly recommends this delicacy just as modern day famous steak houses do, in the America’s. This is a new dish yet to be discovered by guests from the local region. At your desire, our Chef “Igor” as a top steak master will gladly prepare and present this type of steak. We are sure you have not yet had the chance to taste such a steak in a rustic and authentic ambience here at Tavern Arka. If so, you surely know what we’re talking about.

All our steaks are served with potatoes baked in foil and grilled vegetables. Enjoy!