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Spare Ribs – Premium Pork Ribs

Spare ribs or, Pork ribs are a speciality among many gourmets. There are a fair number of recipes and our marinated ribs off the fire grill are a special delicacy. Ideally it goes best with a barbecue sauce or for braver, with some hot chilli sauce. The spare ribs are very popular in the American and Asian cuisine where they are done in countless ways.

With this offer we try to bring you closer to some Mediterranean flavors in our own little traditional way. Ribs are different in ways of processing, preparation and the final sauce that you put on them. The processing is divided by, baby black ribs, spare ribs and St. Louis cut ribs. Pork ribs are extremely rich in protein, with an average amount of fat but most of the meat is rich in vitamins B12.

Served with a variety of toppings or sauces together with potatoes baked in foil and grilled vegetables.