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T-Bone Steak – Big, Juicy & Delicious

For true meat lovers and people that favour a big juicy and delicious piece, we offer you the well known T-Bone Steak of 500 grams.

The distinguishing feature of the T-Bone Steak is the specific bone forming the letter T. On one side of the bone you have one sort of beef meat (filet steak) while on the other side of another (Rump steak). For many, a pleasure of having two steaks on one plate.

Since the T-Bone steak is quite sensitive it does not require much heat treatment and is best consumed, low to medium rare. This is because there is a smaller proportion of collagen then from other steaks.

Because of the irregular shape of the T-Bone, its extremely difficult to properly cook in a pan. As the meat cooks, it tends to shrink down and the bone prevents the meat from browning and while getting little contact with the pan surface. Because of this, the best way to prepare a T-Bone Steak is the way Tavern Arka practices, grilled on open fire.

Of course with a glass of fine red wine, this Steak is an excellent choice for any true meat lover.