Project Description

Tuna Carpaccio – Fresh Tuna fish from the Adriatic Sea

Our Tuna Carpaccio dish is made from Tuna caught in the Adriatic sea is unique in quality and taste. Carpaccio can be done from many types of fish like monk fish for example, amber jack, sea bream, sea bass, etc. However, Tuna fish carpaccio simply stands out by quality & taste.

This warm-blooded fish is one of a kind in the world of fish. Tunas can reach weights up to 600-650 kg and can grow over 4 meters. The average weight of Tuna caught in the Adriatic sea is about 12 kg. Tuna fish is valued and has great importance to healthy diets in many countries. Tuna fish meat has top quality and most of its parts are highly valued. The liver is rich in vitamins, the pancreas has insulin and stomach parts can be prepared as delicious tripes. Tuna is also often conserved and as such, prepared and sold all around the world as a real treat for decades.

Dear guests, we present tuna carpaccio of the blue fin tuna from the Adriatic Sea, usually caught in the vicinity of Zadar and freshly delivered daily to our restaurant. You will enjoy this dish with light lamb’s lettuce and sweet cherry tomatoes bathed in beautiful balsamic dressing. If you generally like tuna, this dish will satisfy your taste for real quality tuna. A starter for further dishes in our restaurant.