Project Description

Tuna Tartar – Avocado & Sesame Seeds

Tuna is a fish that inspires and always awakes admiration for all fisherman. It has a large and powerful body and is extremely hydrodynamic and agile. It leaves its prey almost no chance. Tuna reaches speeds of a whopping 70 km/h and is one of the fastest fish on earth. Its tail fin is deeply notched so it gives the impression of a crescent moon. The tail section has additional small fins that serve for stability. The first dorsal fin, pectoral and abdominal fin can even help it achieve more hydrodynamics and facilitate long journeys that often reach 10 000 km.

Tuna spawn in the warm seas, and we can find them in almost all the seas of the world except in the Arctic. They often grow over four meters in length. They feed on other fish and cephalopods.
Tuna is valued and has a great stake in diets of people in many countries. This Tuna tartar meat is top quality and the bowel holds high value. The liver is rich in vitamins, the pancreas has insulin and stomach area prepares delicious tripe. Tuna is also conserved fro long periods and as such often a real treat.

Dear guests, we present you our version of tuna tartar. Carefully prepared with the freshest ingredients and the best piece of tuna. Our recipe includes fresh avocado and sesame seeds.