Project Description

Wild Mushrooms & Asparagus Risotto

One of the best known quality of Mushrooms is that certain species are edibility. In some parts of the world including Central & Eastern Europe, Turkey, North America, mushrooms are collected as a food source consistently for centuries. Many mushrooms or fungi are used as a food source, for medicine, psychoactive drugs, hallucinogenics and some are toxic.

Well, dear guests, such mushrooms are not found here so, there is absolutely no need for fear.

We selectively screen only the best mushrooms in our region and to serve them as a side dish separately or, in as Wild Mushrooms & Asparagus Risotto. Our risotto with wild mushrooms uses only the best arborio rice and is enriched with asparagus from Croatian farms.

This Risotto has a light creamy sauce that is obtained by treatment of wild mushrooms. It provides an unmatched taste and smell. With a little added butter and Parmesan, its the culmination of wild tastes.