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Dubrovnik Restaurants – Plenty of Choice & Competition!

There were over 310 Dubrovnik Restaurants in the most southern county of Croatia (source: Tripadvisor, 09.2016). Despite global Covid-19 crises and involved travel restrictions, Dubrovnik today (August 2021) has over 418 Restaurants in Dubrovnik registered on Tripadvisor. Every year, new Dubrovnik restaurants emerge as every year. Competition is fierce, especially during the main season period from late March to end of October (During COVID-19 from 2020 to 2021 only July & August). Many Dubrovnik restaurants close their doors during winter, some for as long as a few months. During that period, many do renovations and prepare for the next season after working every day 6-7 months in a row.

The Dubrovnik county area belongs to one of the smallest of twenty in Croatia, with only 123K inhabitants. The Dubrovnik county includes 5 cities and 17 small towns. Dubrovnik city holds the County seat, has an international airport (over 1.6 mil. passengers p.a.) and is among 20th world’s busiest cruise ports (over 1 mil. passengers p.a.).

Dubrovnik Restaurants Differ by Type & Cuisine!

When one talks about food, it all boils down to the restaurant type and kind of cuisine one prefers. Today, restaurants are categorised in many ways and, its hard to tell whats good or better. We often hear; fast food, pizza & pasta, quick bites, hotel food, fine dining or budget dining and many more. If we add local, Mediterranean or other international cuisine (Asian, Japanese, Mexican, etc.) to these categories, you’ll agree, that’s a pretty large choice for a small city!

Some maybe surprised to know, Dubrovnik does not have any “McDonald’s”, “Burger King’s”, “Pizza Hut” or other major franchise chain restaurants yet.

At the end, we all seek Value For Money and that’s probably most important!

Another View of How Dubrovnik Restaurants Differ

Easily Noticed Restaurants.

Nearly half of all restaurants in Dubrovnik are located within (or in vicinity of) the historical walls of the Dubrovnik old city.

These restaurants cannot be avoided as they are literally everywhere in the old city. So much to “location, location and, location”! Beware, the old city is a pedestrian area! Best way to get there is, by foot, taxi or public transportation as parking can be a nightmare!

Less Noticed Restaurants.

The remaining half of restaurants in Dubrovnik are scattered all over other area’s of the Dubrovnik county. Mostly, in the south and north vicinity of the Dubrovnik coastline. The southern area of “Cavtat Konavle” near Dubrovnik airport (26 km from the old city). The northern area starts with River Ombla (under the Dubrovnik Bridge). This area continues north along the coastal road to the bay area of “Zaton“, then to the town of “Slano” before you can continue to “Pelješac“, the largest peninsula in Croatia. The northern area also includes the Elafite islands (Lopud, Šipan & Kolocep).

We at Tavern Arka Restaurant, belong to the less noticed Dubrovnik restaurants. At least for now! One reason is definitely because, we only opened 15th July, 2016. Another reason is probably because, we are situated outside of the city centre. We’re located in Zaton, the first bay after you cross the only Dubrovnik bridge (10 km) north of the city centre. The Tavern is situated in a charming bay, it’s rarely crowded and, simply provides guests hassle free parking, a local vintage ambience and most importantly, delicious food.

Guests Say Everything that Needs to Be Said About Dubrovnik Restaurants!

In the first 60 days since we opened, we registered many written reviews, testimonials and compliments. Here are just a few registered on other sites; A “very nice discovery“,“Stunning tavern with gorgeous features”, “Awesome service”, “Friendly staff”, “Great Steaks”, “Absolutely not expensive”, “An amazing new restaurant”, “Great place”, “Beautiful Ambience and quality food” and much more.

We still need to find ourselves among the bulls & bears of Dubrovnik Restaurants. But, thanks to social networks, we are happy to acknowledge that 98% of our guests were very, very satisfied with our food, services, value as well as the Tavern atmosphere it self.

We Kindly Invite You to Find Out Yourself!

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