Hot Appetisers

Hot Appetisers – Tasty Traditional Delights at Tavern Arka

Mediterranean countries seem to have a wide range of smaller meals, starters or appetisers.  We’ve mastered only the best of them. The following hot appetisers are a part of local culture, tradition and combine many of the typical ingredients found in most Croatian cuisine. Many of these hot appetisers include seafood as well as meats, pasta or rice. Just as our cold appetisers, these appetisers are also custom to almost every larger local gathering. Be it a wedding, birthday or other group celebration. If your not a friend of larger meals, or just want a light dish, these delicious hot appetisers will serve you well.

All our dishes are rated from 1-10 by guests on premises here at the Tavern Arka Restaurant. We believe these ratings reflect a reliable score that may help you choose a dish that many have rated well already.

However, when it comes to taste we all have our differences! So, do not hesitate and try other dishes that have less votes as it just maybe something you may personally find great. Thank you and enjoy!

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