Main Dishes (Meat)

Meat Dishes – Beef Steaks, Lamb Chops, Veal Cutlets & Spare Ribs

Just as some other southern European countries, Croatia has it’s own long history of meat production. Croatia is very well known for its unspoiled coastline and preserved ecology. This obviously reflects the meat industry and obviously it’s meat production as well.

The Tavern Arka team has mastered a superb combination of modern & vintage recipes with local meat produce to satisfy the most serious grill lovers. Enjoy tender beef fillet steaks, rump steaks, t-bone, rib-eye, black Angus or skirt steak. Besides beef, order veal cutlets, fresh lamb chops or premium spare ribs. All meat dishes are served with grilled vegetables and homegrown potatoes or other side dishes if desired.

Our Executive Chef grills (visible within the restaurant) all meat dishes on an open fire (wood) grill suing only the finest local meat produce. Enjoy fine and tender beef cuts, best barbecue lamb and home grown pork cuts or ribs. The Tavern also provides various house made gravies and sauces to choose from.

All our dishes are rated from 1-10 by guests on premises here at the Tavern Arka Restaurant. We believe these ratings reflect a reliable score that may help you choose a dish that many have rated well already.

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